Help comes in many different forms, and unfortunately there isn’t one tool that fits everyone’s needs. Some people prefer real-time, responsive guidance and counseling with human-to-human contact through phone calls or face-to-face and, some prefer a physical tool like a reference guide that has answers to the most common, frequently asked questions. The Preparing4Prison Guide has detailed information gleaned from hundreds of interviews and first-hand experience. Our Preparing4Prison Guide is most effective when used in conjunction with counseling calls with our skilled counselors but it can also be used as a stand-alone reference…whichever works best for you.

Our Mission

We provide affordable, straightforward, and compassionate counseling, support, guidance, information, and answers, to indicted men and women who are agonizing over anticipation of what incarceration will mean for them, their families and friends.

Our Goals

To ease the anxiety you, your family, and friends are feeling as you all anticipate your incarceration. And, upon your release, we will provide a networking platform that will connect you with former inmates and others whose useful experiences will help you through the rough spots. We will also connect you with REAL JOB OPPORTUNITIES as you re-join your family and friends in the outside world and so that you can become a productive member of society.

Preparing for Prison | How to Prepare for Prison
Preparing4Prison Guide

This guide provides insider information and perspective on each step of the process of pretrial, sentencing, post-sentencing, incarceration and post-release.

Preparing for Prison | How to Prepare for Prison
Counseling Call

We will provide you with emotional support and specific, detailed information about the steps, processes and pitfalls of the judicial and incarceration systems.

Preparing for Prison | How to Prepare for Prison

We have collected a number of links of various resources for people in similar situations as yours. Please check them out and feel free to share with your friends.

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