About Preparing4Prison

About Preparing4Prison

Who is Andrew Henry Jacobs?

Andrew Henry Jacobs is the founder of Preparing4Prison.com. Andrew has a very strong passion for helping people navigate the legal, judicial, and incarceration systems so you can avoid some of the experiences he had. Andrew’s goal is for everyone who utilizes the services of Preparing4Prison.com to not only survive the ordeal but thrive upon re-entry into everyday life.

Andrew created Preparing4Prison.com by interviewing dozens of men and women who used other prison consultants and compared their experiences with his own. He asked in-depth penetrating questions and found there was no real effort made on the part of the other consultants to share any compassion, understand the personal situations of their clients and prepare them for what they were about to face. Andrew found that there was also no real-time help available on the inside. There was also no help with integration back into society by connecting former inmates with REAL JOB OPPORTUNITIES. The reviews of these other Prison Consultants were, on average, very poor. Common complaints were the lack of any real value received, little first-hand real-world accurate experiences shared and, feelings of despair over the huge upfront lump-sum fees paid. Surprisingly, the topic of reentry into family, friends, and society never came up at all. Andrew decided there was a clear need to help so he created Preparing4Prison.com. If you let us we will support you during your incarceration.

Preparing4 Prison has taken a different approach to other services. Our compassionate, detailed method of step-by-step guidance has proven to minimize the anxiety by opening the curtain on all of the unknown so you will know what to expect and when, how to navigate these sometimes treacherous waters and get your life back!

For a much smaller investment than that required by other services, you will find that we provide real answers and the truth, even if they are sometimes not what you are hoping to hear. After utilizing our services, you will be better able to face what you are about to experience by knowing what to expect and when. You will have a caring, compassionate resource to provide you with the information you need and when you need it so you will be prepared to face what is in front of you.

Let us help you turn this adversity into an advantage!

Meet Our Counselors

David Seminara

My name is David Seminara. I was convicted of Possession with Intent to Distribute and was subsequently incarcerated for 67 months.

I had plenty of fears going in. I was worried about violence, having zero finances, being alone, losing my girlfriend, and, also, my future beyond incarceration. I had literally nothing to my name & not a single person on the outside as a support system. I was very concerned about starting life over in my early 40’s with absolutely nothing.

Prior to my incarceration, I believed I was a high-level functioning addict. I managed several car dealerships in Montana all while having a serious opioid problem. I eventually lost control of my addiction and got into the drug business.

While I was in custody, I took a serious look at my life, and the environment I was subjecting myself to. I used the time I was incarcerated to work on myself. I made major changes. I studied continuously and worked on my mental and physical health. I decided not to return to the automobile industry and pursued a career in the fitness industry. Before my release, I obtained my certification as a personal fitness trainer.

I then taught the 6-month personal trainer certification course for 2 1/2 years.

I was indicted on my son’s 18th birthday, and this was devastating to him. My son did not speak to me for the first 2+ years of my incarceration. He was my only living connection to the outside world and so I focused on fixing me, for me. Realizing the disappointment I had become was the catalyst for change. I read hundreds of self-help books, advanced my education, and focused on being the healthiest version of myself I could be. I am now managing a gym in Portland, Oregon, and have a very stable client base.

My post-incarceration supervision plan was supposed to be 36 months. It was reduced to only 13 months because of my progress and good behavior. I’ve made a ton of changes in my life and have committed to seeing them through. I no longer smoke. I am 7+ years sober. I eat healthy and exercise regularly. I am in the best physical and mental health I have ever been… or so I thought. In September of 2021, I was diagnosed with Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension which is apparently, very rare. The disease attacks the arteries and capilaries between the heart and lungs. There is no cure and very little that can be done to treat it. The average life span after diagnosis is roughly 5 years. Beyond my current health situation, I am the happiest I have ever been. It is all about perspective. I am blessed and cherish every day I have.

My counseling style is compassionate and non-judgmental. I train clients who are going through addiction and recovery and a whole lot of other personal issues. I have experienced verbal and physical abuse, addiction, divorce, bankruptcy, and almost everything you can imagine. I truly want to see anyone who puts their hand out for help receive it.

Mark Phillips

My name is Mark Phillips. I did ten years in federal prison for conspiracy to possess and distribute. My biggest fear going in was if I would come out alive. I was also afraid of how much prison would change me. Well, I made it out alive and I was changed….for the better. I used my time inside wisely. I spent a lot of time in self-reflection and began the journey of pursuing spiritual growth. I am clean, free, and at peace with myself and with my place in the world.

I now am now pursuing a degree in counseling with the goal of becoming a certified therapist.

My counseling style is as a compassionate, thoughtful, non-judgemental listener. My life turned the corner and so can yours. I’d like to help you get there.

Ron Bohm

My name is Ron Bohm. Most people call me Hoss.

I was incarcerated for 61 months for possession with intent to distribute.

Before going in, I feared that my wife would leave me. She didn’t.

I worried that the experience of incarceration would ruin my life afterward. It hasn’t.

I was afraid that I would be victimized while I was incarcerated. I wasn’t.

I used the experience of incarceration to turn my life around. I am still married to the same wonderful woman and have a steady job as a factory worker. I surround myself with positive people who are invested in my growth and development. I’ve learned that I’m not defined by my mistakes but rather by the way I overcome adversity.

As a counselor, I will be honest and direct, compassionate, and supportive, and I will not sugar coat the reality of what I perceive to be happening in someone’s life. I love my new life and I can help you get to a place where you love yours too.

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